West Coast Classic 2016 getting closer

The West Coast Classic is a 6A rated SABA event with the winner taking home a cheque of R20 000.

What you can expect !

The West Coast Classic has the privilege of a wide array of surf spots to choose from as the contest venue, all of which have their own unique way of showcasing Bodyboarding.

Bones is a medium length, predominantly right hand wave, breaking on a mixture of reef and sand bottom. Powerful, barrelling and ramps this wave is definitely a large reason for the high standard of riding over the past couple of years events.
Farmer Burgers is a short right hand wave breaking on shallow reef below, with kelp added into the mix. Producing good clean barrels and large end sections to pull any move on, keeping the crowds and riders entertained all day.
Famous Last Words is an A-frame heavy beach break of world class proportions. Crashing down only a few meters from the sandy shore. It allows the spectators to be a close part of the action. Perfect barrels and ramps all down the beach make for an aquatic skatepark for those willing to put their bodies on the line and commit.
Yo-Yo's is a fun A-frame breaking wave on a sand bottom. Able to hold large size swell and most winds, this is a good all-rounder wave, showing the technical riding of all the competitors.

With these high quality spots comes an even higher standard of riding, as with the previous years, this year will be no different. Bodyboarders flying all over the beaches of the West Coast and showing the spectators what our sport is all about.

Don't forget that all the awesome product you could be winning is sponsored by Reef South Africa. Black Pearl Sunscreen is also on board by sponsoring product for each division. As well as all the awesome refreshments from Coca-Cola, Bonaqua Water and Powerade.

Check out previous winners of the West Coast Classic by following the link below.


Get your entries in to make sure you have a chance to become part of this awesome line up who has won this event before.

The Briefing venue will be held at the Eureka Meeting Center on Thursday, 24th March at 6.30pm sharp!

PLEASE NOTE: CONTEST ENTRIES CLOSE 22th MARCH AT 6PM!! No late entries will be accepted.

Entry forms at : http://bolandbodyboarding.co.za/events/2016/03/25/west-coast-classic-2016

See you all there for the 2nd event of the 2016 SABA Bodyboarding season. The biggest season yet.