Kumba Development - Elandsbay 15 March 2015

15 March 2015 – Elands Bay We left Lamberts Bay with a Cruizer and Longwheel Base Bakkie packed to the roof with kids and kit to do the Kumba Elandsbaai development. The fact that the Spoornet road is closed for normal traffic resulted in a 20 minute drive becoming 45 minutes. We had a few good laughs as the two 12 year olds were having a good go at what type of birds were sitting on the fences, that would shift to what type of buck the one saw and everyone else missed to who’s mother was wearing the white dress at the church service – all in a matter of 2 kilometers. The other 4 (13 and 14 year olds) were having a go at what cars they would buy when the were older. It ranged from a Nissan Skyline to Ferrari’s – they know their cars! These boy’s must be a hand full at home. We did the Full branding setup and were all waiting on the beach at the agreed on time of 12H00. Only Marcia had and the school teacher had arrived on time. Mr Heyns had told everyone to be on time, but Elandsbaai is so laid back that Africa time seems like rush hour. The rest of the Elandsbaai kid arrived ½ late when Mr Heyns went to fetch them, but all was well. We had a very constructive training session that resulted in most of the kids learning a new bodyboarding skill. They were doing spins as if it was second nature at the end of the session. The two girls – Marcia and Michelle were enjoying themselves with their two BBA hero’s – Rose and Suzanne. Christopher, Neswell and Lihle were ripping like 14 year olds do. Selvin, Joando and Duncan all mastered the spins early on, but we had to keep these 15 year olds away from the girls as there were more flexing going on than paddling. Siphosile arrived an hour late, but had a good excuse as he was one of the horse riders at a local wedding. He shows lots of potential, interesting that both him and Marcia are 13 years old and are the most committed out of the Elandsbaai crew. They will surf the Boy’s Development division at the Kumba West Coast Classic. We ended the day with a healthy lunch that Karen had prepared and made sure everyone was safely sent back home. What a great weekend – real food for one’s soul to see how well the kids are doing with the limited opportunities they have in their communities. Thanks for the sponsorship Kumba – you are making a difference in these kids lives!

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