Kumba West Coast Classic

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I agree to abide by the general competition Rules of Surfing South Africa and SABA.  I acknowledge that I have reviewed and understand all these rules and regulations and understand that any violation of thereof, or any unsportsmanlike conduct, may result in a penalty being imposed on me by SSA or SABA which may take the form of a warning, a fine, or immediate disqualification from the EVENT.  I agree to conduct myself in a professional sportsmanlike manner prior to, during, and after the EVENT and while I am in the vicinity of the EVENT.  I will not engage in any surfing activity near the contest area during the EVENT, unless authorised to do so by SABA.  I also agree to compete and appear in competition attire provided by the Sponsors from time of issue until completion of the EVENT as well as during awards presentations. In addition, I cede to the SSA, SABA, the Promoters of the EVENT, the Sponsors of the EVENT, or their respective nominees, the exclusive commercial use of all photographs and photographic reproductions, television broadcast and motion pictures taken of me during or in connection with the EVENT, and whether in or out of the water.
Indemnity and Assumption of Risk:  I acknowledge and confirm that I am familiar with all hazards that may exist in connection with my participation in any and all activities in both the sea and on the shore related to the event.  I confirm that I voluntarily participate in these activities with knowledge of those hazards.  I voluntarily assume the risk of any injury, death or loss of property that I may sustain in connection with my participating in the EVENT, and hereby fully indemnify, release and forever discharge SSA, SABA, and their respective officials, the Promoters and Sponsors of the EVENT, the City, Municipality and Province and where applicable, their respective agents and employees, from all claims, damages, actions, suits or judgments that may result from any cause whatsoever sustained or incurred by me whilst participating in or in connection with the EVENT.
Knowing and Voluntary Execution: I have carefully read this agreement and fully understand its contents.  I sign this agreement of my own free will.